Commercial Cleaning Waterbury CT

Mainkey Services Corp. is the premier commercial cleaning service for business in the city of Waterbury CT. Mainkey owners and mangers have been providing high quality office cleaning and janitorial cleaning services since 1978. Mainkey is a full service Waterbury commercial cleaning contractor capable of providing complete janitorial cleaning, commercial cleaning, floor cleaning and light maintenance inside and out. 

Waterbury Office Cleaning Services by Mainkey

Our services include Waterbury professional office cleaning, Waterbury Dental office cleaning, Waterbury Medical office cleaning and Waterbury Retail cleaning. Waterbury CT covers a very extensive business cleaning environment of commercial, institutional and industrial buildings and businesses. By providing a consistently high quality of service Mainkey has a hard earned reputation among building owners for excellent cleaning performance and outstanding cleaning value.  Our goal is live up to our reputation on every job, every day of the week.

  • School Cleaning Service Waterbury CT
  • Real Estate Office Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Car Dealer Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Church Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Hospital Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Medical Office Cleaning Waterbury CT

Commercial Cleaning Services Waterbury CT

Commercial building cleaning covers a multitude of cleaning processes. It takes a highly motivated team of professionals to provide building owners with a complete cleaning service. Industrial cleaning and institutional cleaning are all forms of the professional commercial cleaning that Mainkey offers. The Mainkey commitment to excellence in service and competitive pricing is what makes us the premier Waterbury CT Commercial Cleaning Contractor. Commercial cleaning by Mainkey covers everything from carpet and tile floor cleaning to the dusting of overhead fixtures.  Our services are fully customized to meet the unique needs of each Waterbury CT business and building.

Janitorial Services Waterbury CT 

Mainkey offers Waterbury clients everything from ceramic tile floor stripping and floor waxing to interior drapery cleaning.  Our professional janitorial team members are capable of commercial, industrial, institutional, retail and office space cleaning as well as light maintenance.  Customized janitorial and cleaning schedules are designed to meet the unique needs of each Janitorial Service client.  Waterbury CT building owners demand a high quality of janitorial service from Mainkey, and we deliver on every job.

Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT by Mainkey Services Corp.

Mainkey cleaning professionals can handle the toughest floor cleaning that Waterbury Connecticut businesses and building owners have.  The cleaning of ceramic tile floors, marble floors and other hard surfaces in high traffic areas is vital for appearance and safety.  These surfaces require a regularly scheduled cleaning, mopping and sweeping to maintain their appearance. Waterbury floor stripping, and floor waxing or floor sealing make the daily maintenance process much less time consuming.  Mainkey stripping and waxing services are done by trained professionals. 

Mainkey floor cleaning services cover virtually every type of surface including:

  • Epoxy Coated Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Ceramic Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Marble Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Slate Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Laminate Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Carpet Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Stone Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Granite Floor Cleaning  Waterbury
  • Tile Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Vinyl Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Hardwood Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT
  • Concrete Floor Cleaning Waterbury CT

Exterior Building Cleaning Services Waterbury CT

Pressure washing the front stairway or entry landing along with window cleaning makes a significant difference in how clients, prospects and residents perceive your business. Mainkey exterior cleaning contractors can sweep, power wash, clean your windows and even remove snow from your entry and side walks as often as your situation requires. As a Waterbury snow removal contractor, Mainkey offers an invaluable service when snow storms hit the Connecticut shore line.

Power Washing Waterbury CT

As a pressure washing contractor, we seldom use high pressure.  Today we use environmentally safe cleaning solutions that lift most of the dirt, grime, grease and other stains from sidewalks, entryways and complete buildings.  The use of excessive pressure can do more damage then good.  Thorough cleaning can usually be done with the right cleaning solutions and a soft rinse.  Mainkey only uses cleaning products that are safe for children pets and plants and all members are trained in cleaning for maximum results. 

We clean virtually everything:

  • Exterior Siding Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Wooden Deck Cleaning
  • Concrete Surface Cleaning
  • Pavers Cleaning
  • Sidewalk Cleaning
  • Driveway Cleaning 
  • Storefront Cleaning

Contact Mainkey Services Corp. today for an always free services quote on your business and office cleaning.  Our flexible cleaning services are built around the needs of each cleaning client.  We offer daily cleaning, weekly cleaning and even monthly cleaning services to all Waterbury Connecticut businesses, call us today.

Waterbury Zip Codes Serviced by Mainkey Services Corp.
06701, 06702, 06703, 06704, 06705, 06706, 06708, 06710, 06720, 06721, 06722, 06723, 06724, 06725, 06726, 06749


Waterbury CT was settled by the Puritans 1642. Captain John Underhill settled in Waterbury and represented the town in the New Haven Colony General Court. Waterbury was included in the creation of a New Haven confederation called the United Colonies of New England. The first schoolhouse in Waterbury was a unheated wooden structure only ten by twelve feet square, built in 1671. The main industries of Waterbury we originally trade by water with to New York City. Beginning in the late 19th century, New York residents began to build summer homes on the Long Island Sound shoreline. The more densely settled portions of Waterbury were incorporated in 1830.

Today Waterbury, Connecticut according to the 2010 census has a population of 122,643. Waterbury is the third largest city in Connecticut and the seventh largest city in New England. Today Waterbury is home to four of the Fortune 500 Companies, this gives Waterbury the largest financial district outside of New York City.

Mainkey can clean your office better by removing more of the dust, dirt and more of the germs that other cleaning companies seem to ignore. Call Mainkey today for a no obligation cleaning quote.